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   Posted September 27, 2016 by daehenob 

Brewers, the Wit is bottled and last Saturday's Christmas Ale is fermenting happily in my cellar.   We have no specific meet this month because of GABF which is a week and a 1/2 away. (Woo Hoo!!!!)

We bottle the Orange Amber at my house next Tuesday evening at 7, please join us if you can and MAKE SURE YOU GET YOUR BOTTLES IN.

Next month is Cider month, our brew nee. pitch place TBD.

See you soon.

The Wit is IT
   Posted July 23, 2016 by daehenob 

Brewers, the Wit is done.  It's in my cellar with a blow off capture system attached and it's getting ready to do it's stuff.   Next month we're looking at our wonderful Orange Amber and it's a Goooooood beer.

Thanks to all who participated and a warm welcome to our newest members.   As always it was a blast to keep the brew going to use the Brewzooka and to basically drink while we're doing all of that.

Thanks again to all who participated.   

May Brew 2016
   Posted May 10, 2016 by daehenob 


The bottling of the Imperial Vanilla Porter was quite fun, Mark W. and I were there and got to "sample" much of the brew, it's HEAVENLY.... even without carbonation.   We primed with a 1.7 volume carbonation which should give it a Brit pub sort of lightness.  As usual we recommend 45days (2 months really) for conditioning and I plan on aging this for some time.   This is a brew that will be heaven in a about a year or so.    With the help of our Brewmeister I'll try and update the recipe in the website.


May brew is coming up this Saturday the 14th at 1pm at the Brewmeisters house and we'll be brewing the Kölsch , if you haven't gotten your cost of share in to the Brewmeister then YOU NEED TO get it in before Friday, as in by late Thursday.  This is a WONDERFUL summer beer, light, crisp, great for a hot summer afternoon when the beer is cold and well conditioned.   Please ping me or the Brewmeister for information on paying for your shares.  Previous emails have all that information as well as the address.


See you Saturday!!!!

Rick - Operations Dude

   Posted April 19, 2016 by daehenob 

Great Month!!

Brewed the Hefeweizen and bottled last years mead.    Next meeting is May 14th location TBA.... watch your emails.  Bottling the Imperial Vanilla Porter soon, make sure to get your bottles to me.


Rick - Operations Dude.

Stout with Oak
   Posted February 25, 2016 by daehenob 

March is Stout month

Brewers and Fermenters,

We'll be having our March brew on the 5th of March at 1pm.  We'll be making our excellent Demon Slayer Stout but this time we'll be adding French Oak soaked in Leopolds Whiskey.   This is going to be quite the stout when done.  Members check your emails, we'll have figures soon.

Rick - Operations dude - "The Weiss Guys"

Still Going Strong
   Posted February 10, 2016 by daehenob 

The Weiss Guys are strong and still going, the blog ...... well..... is a little behind. Not to worry, a brew is coming up on the weekend of Feb 20th, members please check your emails.


Last year was a bit light but we have a GREAT schedule this year.  Come back to the website for occasional news and announcements for upcoming brews.

1st Place!
   Posted October 06, 2014 by GFvonB 

We won 1st place in the Semi-Sweet Traditional Mead category at the 2014 Orpheus Meadfest!

GABF 2014
   Posted October 06, 2014 by GFvonB 

We had a great time volunteering in the Brew Crew on Thursday and Friday evening and attending the members session on Saturday! Let's get more club members out there next year!

GABF 2013
   Posted October 29, 2013 by GFvonB 

We had a blast! Let's get more members out there next year!


Our first award!
   Posted September 24, 2012 by GFvonB 

For those of you who haven't heard yet, we won second place in the traditional sweet mead category at the 2012 Orpheus Cup Mead Competition for our MMXI Exultet!

New URL and Mailing List!
   Posted April 11, 2011 by GFvonB 

We have a new website address: now redirects to there.


We also now have a real mailing list:

Please go there and subscribe. I'll send a couple more reminders before the next brew party, but after May 22nd, all Weiss Guys communication will go through the mailing list.

Fermentation Report
   Posted November 08, 2010 by GFvonB 

Solo Porter (Trandem Private Reserve Batch #1): Primary. Completed my first solo brew day on Sunday. Already tastes pretty balanced. I think it'll be real smooth when it's complete.

Nick's Nutty Brown Ale (Mile High Garage Brew Club): Bottled.

St. Nicholas Christmas Ale MMX (The Weiss Guys Batch #8): Secondary. Tastes were very strong and independent (needs time to mellow) and already packs a big punch.

Apfelwein Test #1 (Trandem Labs Batch #1): Primary. Fermenting nicely, hit high kräusen and receded.

Apfelwein Test #2 (Trandem Labs Batch #2): Same as above.

Hard Cider Test #1 (Trandem Labs Batch #3): Yeast has yet to take, even after re-pitching the day after starting primary. I'm suspecting that Talbott's cider may have preservatives that are killing the yeast. I'll give it a few more days, but this one may not turn out.

Trandem's Angry German Sauerkraut MMX: My first attempt at making sauerkraut turned out deliciously good. Next time I'm going to try adding some garlic to the fermenter to see if I can add some sharpness to the sour lactic bite.

Pitched more yeast nutrients
   Posted October 22, 2010 by GFvonB 

As per the instructions, I re-aerated the Barelywine and pitched more yeast nutrients. Both fermenters are bubbling up a storm now!

New Name and Batch #8 in Primary
   Posted October 20, 2010 by GFvonB 

Our name poll ended up with "The Weiss Guys" winning. I plan to update the theme of the site to fit our new name.

Our Christmas Ale MMX is bubbling away nicely. Bottling will probably be in mid to late November.


Batches 6 & 7 Away!
   Posted July 12, 2010 by GFvonB 

The Brewparty at the Naasko homestead was great (I've gotta get that pulled pork recipe)! Batches 6 & 7 are fermenting away over there, and I've entered in the recipes and brewblogs on Ben's behalf. Thanks everyone!

Another 2 batches in the bottle!
   Posted July 08, 2010 by GFvonB 

Thanks to help from The Engineer, we got batches #4 and #5 bottled. If you haven't received your share yet, I'll be bringing it to the Brewparty on the 11th.

Batches 4 & 5 Racked
   Posted June 30, 2010 by GFvonB 

I took 4 and 5 off their sediment tonight, so they'll be ready to bottle on Saturday.

The New Beers are happily fermenting!
   Posted June 08, 2010 by GFvonB 

Thanks to all who showed up and made our second monthly brew party a big success!

The Premonstratensian and the St. Artemius are foaming up nicely. The temp in the fermenting closet is higher this month, right around 68, but that should be just fine for these ale yeasts. We forgot to take pictures of the intrepid brewers at the party, but I'll post some pictures later of our three bottled beers and the fermenting batches.

Just about ready
   Posted June 05, 2010 by GFvonB 

Labels are ready, all ingredients accounted for. I tweaked the Pale Ale recipe because the Goldings I got at the Brew Hut were 4.5% AAU instead of the 6% called for in the recipe.

Almost Ready for Brew Day!
   Posted June 04, 2010 by GFvonB 

The labels are printed, batches #2 and #3 have been racked, most of the ingredients for #4 and #5 are prepped.

I still have to clean bottles, seal the labels, and pick up the last few ingredients (a vanilla bean and maple syrup).

Bottled and Racked
   Posted May 22, 2010 by GFvonB 

The Sankt Markus is in bottles, and the two batches from 5/8 are in 5g carboys for their secondary fermentation.

Sankt Markus almost Ready!
   Posted May 21, 2010 by GFvonB 

I racked the St. Markus again last night. Tons of sediment, but that's a Hefeweizen for you! We'll be ready to bottle on Saturday. The label is almost finished!

Howdy All!
   Posted April 05, 2010 by admin 

Hey everybody, I need you to email me with the username you want or I will pick one for you!