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   Posted September 27, 2016 by daehenob 

Brewers, the Wit is bottled and last Saturday's Christmas Ale is fermenting happily in my cellar.   We have no specific meet this month because of GABF which is a week and a 1/2 away. (Woo Hoo!!!!)

We bottle the Orange Amber at my house next Tuesday evening at 7, please join us if you can and MAKE SURE YOU GET YOUR BOTTLES IN.

Next month is Cider month, our brew nee. pitch place TBD.

See you soon.

The Wit is IT
   Posted July 23, 2016 by daehenob 

Brewers, the Wit is done.  It's in my cellar with a blow off capture system attached and it's getting ready to do it's stuff.   Next month we're looking at our wonderful Orange Amber and it's a Goooooood beer.

Thanks to all who participated and a warm welcome to our newest members.   As always it was a blast to keep the brew going to use the Brewzooka and to basically drink while we're doing all of that.

Thanks again to all who participated.   

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Club Name: The Weiss Guys
Hometown: Centennial, Colorado USA

Club Traditions:

We name each batch after a Saint upon whose Feastday (or who's mentioned in the Martyrology) we brewed that batch, or whose Feastday falls near when the beer will be ready (e.g: St. Nicholas for our Christmas beer).

We have Fr. Hearty bless our beer using the traditional blessing from the Roman Rituale.

We have fun and drink beer!!!